How to build a profile, presence, and community to attract the right audience.

WHY in:side?

You're responsible for:

  • Generating leads
  • Closing business
  • Recruiting new talent
  • Building new partnerships
  • Developing your branding
  • Nurturing your network
  • Influencing your followers
  • Advancing your career

8 Core Modules / Delivered in 7 Weeks

We want you to employ a growth mindset when approaching LinkedIn. This module will help you set a baseline and then develop the right frame of mind to be successful throughout the next steps.

Are you visible or invisible? Here you will learn how to build out a good message, a good version of you online, on LinkedIn, which should match authentically to the person that shows up when you meet someone. 

This module is about adding additional information that establishes your expertise, skill level, and commitment to your career. Think carefully about how you can do that. Don’t overlook anything. Remember, you are the CEO of you and it is important that no matter who you are, you control the narrative.

Committing time is strategic. Spending time is not. If you take specific and relevant action, committing time is an investment. Spending time and not knowing the purpose or intention is not productive. Determine your objective. Everything you do on LinkedIn should align with your objective. What resources do you have to work with? Put all of this together, and you’re going to start to build your strategy and then your playbook.

This module is where we’re going to take a look at your current network, where there are opportunities, how to leverage your network and think about nurturing and furthering your connections. By the end of this module you will know how to turn your network into a referral engine!

Learn how to create searches that uncover the right people. Connect with a personal message and nurture your network appropriately. This is really the crux of what we’re going to talk about in this module and what I believe means to build a really strategic playbook on LinkedIn. We have to learn how to tap into LinkedIn as a database.

This is where we’re going to take a look at creating good content, sharing activities, and habits. We find this is one of the most difficult areas for our clients. Whether we’re afraid of making a mistake, not being sure of the right way to do it, thinking it’s too much time or simply a waste of time, people skip this area and we want to change that with this module.

This is the version of LinkedIn you should use if you want to get the most out of LinkedIn for business development and sales. If you’re ready to be intentional in driving business, closing sales as your primary responsibility, sales navigator is for you.

** A new module is unlocked every week to give you an opportunity to implement what you learn. A reminder coupled with a module roadmap will be delivered to your inbox on a weekly basis to guide you to LinkedIn success! **

in:side GIVES YOU

7 On-demand learning segments, including branding, networking, strategy, and content

Bonus: Sales Navigator learning segment

Exclusive weekly group coaching calls and live streams with LinkedIn experts

Step-by-step action-oriented tutorials

Interactive workbooks​

Train-the-trainer segments for companies including recruiting, marketing, employee advocacy, and employee endorsement​

Templates, how-to checklists, tech tools, and resources​

Live chat with experts

Progress tracking and accountability

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Mondays at 11:30 AM Eastern Time

  • Week 1: Training
  • Week 2: Open Q+A
  • Week 3: Strategy
  • Week 4: Accountability + Success
"I know as much as anyone that it is so easy to push the videos aside because you think you will get to them and then the whole week has gone by and you didn’t watch one! Committing to one live session a week is so valuable and it makes you think of things you might not otherwise. In addition, you can get answers in real time which is so valuable!"
Pam Cusick
Vice President, Rare Patient Voice

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  • 8 week course including video content, live interactive tutorials, and workbook PDFs
  • Weekly group coaching webinars
  • Exclusive live stream video sessions
  • Live chat with LinkedIn experts
  • Progress tracking and accountability
  • Templates, how-to checklists, tech tools, and resources

*Best for Individuals, Students, Job Seekers, and Sales or Marketing Leaders

VIP Membership

$ 990
  • Professional, plus...
  • 4 Executive Learning Modules
  • 10 free Professional memberships for employees

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On-demand chat with the Intero Advisory team about strategy related to your goals or guidance on building your profile on LinkedIn