LinkedIn Mastery Program


All you need to know to master LinkedIn for marketing, sales, and recruiting.

Our process and best practices will help you and your employees learn and master how to:

  • Create a competitive advantage no matter your title or industry
  • Increase your visibility and connect with the right people 
  • Jumpstart and turn your network into a referral engine
  • Curate and share your subject matter expertise with others
  • Be the first to know the latest LinkedIn updates and changes

Young professionals to CEOs benefit by unlocking the power of LinkedIn for personal branding, increasing sales, expanding marketing, and recruiting the best people.

If you have or are experiencing any of the following, check out in:side today.

Have you and your company been spinning your wheels on LinkedIn?

Have you tried over and over to encourage your employees to leverage LinkedIn and share your content and they just don’t do it?

Have you been tasked with your company’s LinkedIn initiative but you don’t feel confident you know what or how to do it properly?

Does your executive team think of LinkedIn as Facebook for business? 

Are you swamped with too many tools and no strategy?

Are you finding it impossible to keep your employees and yourself on course and up-to-date with LinkedIn?

If you answered “yes” then you will benefit from in:side because we built in:side with YOU in mind.

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I recently had the pleasure of attending 3 webinars on how to use LinkedIn effectively, each hosted by Colleen. The content was brilliant, Colleen was brilliant too, and really knows her stuff. Teaching style was really engaging, with Colleen fielding questions very well. If you want to up your game on LinkedIn, Colleen is the go to person for sure.
Colin Morrell
Vistage Group Chair
I’ve been using LinkedIn for a long time and it’s a critical part of my business development efforts. However, like many modern tools, LinkedIn changes on a regular basis. Intero Advisory is my “go to” resource. Her insights have been hugely beneficial in my efforts to stay ahead of my competition.
Ed Mullin
CIO | Vice President
I have seen Colleen speak to numerous audiences, and in each circumstance, she finds a way to deliver a presentation that resonates with every person in the room. She gives real-life examples of success, and is always one step ahead of the curve on LinkedIn updates. Colleen is charismatic, knowledgeable and engaging.
Jenna Schiappacasse
Marketing & Business Development
I've been on LinkedIn for years. Just plodding along. When I made a recent career shift - I started to look at LinkedIn as less of a sales or job search tool and more as a networking and knowledge tool... for business. I reached out to Colleen to ask a question and learned how I can utilize LinkedIn for what my needs are - not what I used to think it was. If you're on LinkedIn, you owe it to yourself to work with Intero.
Matt Birkelien
Through their help developing my profile I was able to put together a story which was both compelling and interesting to prospective connections. My profile has given me more exposure and increased my connections. This is especially key now that I've started my own consulting business and work throughout the U.S.
Alberto (Berto) Aguilar-Sartori
Sales and Business Development Manager
Colleen is a wealth of knowledge. She taught me LinkedIn best practices, how to optimize my network, and showcase my talent in a 1-on-1 session. A week after our meeting and revamping my LinkedIn profile, I connected with a guest speaker from one of my college courses. She looked at my profile and wanted to meet. After two interviews, I was offered the job a right after graduation. I owe it all to Colleen.
Lindsay Bishop
Training and Media Associate

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A Note from Colleen McKenna, Principal, Intero Advisory

My team and I are practitioners, not theorists, and are skilled in how to help individuals and companies increase their brand, networks, and content to increase their awareness, marketing, sales, and recruiting initiatives. We do this by leveraging LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network.  

As your guides, rest assured we know how to teach you and your teams. With more than 40,000 hours on LinkedIn pressing buttons, getting creative, and practicing what we teach, we’ve built expertise in a platform that is continually changing.

This program brings together our best tools and experience so you and your employees can learn as much as you need; breeze through or go deep depending on your role and business needs.

If your organization need to master LinkedIn for branding, recruiting, and sales, you’ve come to the right place. Add your email and be one of the first to know when our LinkedIn Mastery Program is live. Our clients have seen measurable improvements from working with us. From their visibility on LinkedIn with a new and improved profile to closing new business, we have helped our clients generate significant increases in their sales and recruiting pipelines.

If you’re looking for a structured program that is easy to follow and implement, we’re here for you. We’re practical in our approach and always focused on you and your team’s mastery and success.

To Your Success,