Coaching – 1:1 Coaching


Have a C-level Executive or Department Head that wants to start using LinkedIn for business development, recruiting, or marketing? Do they need some help getting started, or do they want insight into how to improve the way they are already using LinkedIn? Purchase a 1:1 coaching session to get started with the best way to use LinkedIn today.


Coaching is designed as an effective way to increase LinkedIn aptitude proficiency before or after using in:side or in-person training. 

All coaching is delivered through Zoom and is recorded for reference.

Potential coaching topics include (time permitting, topics can be combined within a Webcast)

  • Building your profile and adjusting Settings & Privacy
  • Maximizing your network and search via LinkedIn
  • Engaging with content to increase visibility
  • Researching via LinkedIn Pages
  • Using LinkedIn Groups
  • Sales Navigator Best Practices
  • Building a Sales Navigator workflow
  • LinkedIn’s Recruiting Tools & Best Practices
  • When to Use InMail
  • LinkedIn Best Practices
  • Writing original content for LinkedIn
  • How to Build Effective Boolean Searches
  • Individual Social Selling Index scores
  • Know and increase Your Social Selling Index Score



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