Corporate Profile Development – Full Profile


Want to start using LinkedIn for business development and corporate branding? You and your employee’s profiles need to turn your LinkedIn profiles into marketing and recruiting tools not online resumes. 

Employees networks are 10x larger than the company’s own network of followers, so they need to be your first priority. Purchase a full profile update for three or more of your team members here! See the description below for more details.


This is a corporate option and only applies to three or more profiles within the same company.

Ready for a full makeover or development? A full profile gives you the opportunity to build your personal brand for the world to see. It’s your online personal brand and is your opportunity to present yourself as the leader, influencer, champion, candidate, recruiter, marketer, seller, board member, volunteer, author, coach, mentor and humanitarian you are.

A full profile development includes a 30-minute interview, two rounds of edits, a background image, and final Word doc for uploading.


Step 1: Purchase your Corporate Full Profile Development.

Step 2: You will receive an email introduction to your profile writer, along with a calendar link to schedule your interview.

Step 3: Have a 30-minute call with your profile writer. Once we get to know you, we can get started on writing!

Step 4: You will receive your profile draft within 4 business days of receipt of your interview. Once you are satisfied, you can upload your new profile to LinkedIn!


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