Training – 75-minute webcast


Purchase a 75-minute webcast here in order to boost your company’s LinkedIn sales, marketing, and recruiting strategy. A 75-minute webcast will allow your team to utilize LinkedIn more efficiently and learn how to maximize LinkedIn for business development.


Our Webcasts are designed as interactive trainings that cover particular LinkedIn topics .

Our goal is to help you and your team increase their LinkedIn effectiveness by strengthening their profile, network and strategy.

Potential session topics include (time permitting, topics can be combined within a Webcast)

  • Building your profile and adjusting Settings & Privacy
  • Maximizing your network and search via LinkedIn
  • Engaging with content to increase visibility
  • Researching via LinkedIn Pages
  • Using LinkedIn Groups
  • Sales Navigator Best Practices
  • Building a Sales Navigator workflow
  • LinkedIn’s Recruiting Tools & Best Practices
  • When to Use InMail
  • LinkedIn Best Practices
  • Writing original content for LinkedIn
  • How to Build Effective Boolean Searches
  • Individual Social Selling Index scores
  • Know and increase Your Social Selling Index Score

Recommendation: An initial Webcast should include:

  • Individual profile assessment and suggestions for each attendee
  • Individual Social Selling Index scores
  • Plan to increase SSI scores
  • Intero LinkedIn Coaching Workbook
  • Daily action items for maximizing LinkedIn


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