Dean Minuto in:side testimonial

"If you are a CEO and/or Senior Sales or Marketing Leader—or aspire to be successful in those roles for your firm in the future—then developing Mastery around LinkedIn should be part of your personal learning goals. And you know that—but you haven’t done it yet because of the “rabbit holes” you go down every time you open your LinkedIn account. At least that was the case for me before I found Colleen and her team—and their online learning system. My time is valuable and investing time with anyone other than an expert in the field was not acceptable to me. Colleen IS that expert. And she has dramatically shortened the learning curve for us—and reduced the likelihood we will trip on those rabbit holes—with the learning system she has developed. All I can say is I am using it, and I am developing my mastery—and you and your team should as well.”
-Dean Minuto, YESCALATE